LinkedIn photoHello!  Welcome to 2013! This is going to be an exciting year filled with possibilities and opportunities.  I started this blog a year ago to gather my thoughts on personal productivity and effectiveness.  It expanded to include thoughts on leadership and teams.  The topics come from things that I see going on in today’s work world and solutions that I’ve gathered over 25+ years of working.  It’s been an exciting first year of blogging and I’m looking to more interesting conversations in the coming year.

This blog has helped me realize that I am most passionate about helping others build successful careers without giving up a fulfilling personal life.  As a result I have started coaching others on how to increase their effectiveness at work and how to reach their goals while striking a comfortable balance in their lives.  My company Delta Consulting Group LLC (delta-group-llc.com) offers coaching, consulting and training to individuals and companies to help create change and improve effectiveness.

I hope that you will find tips, tools or techniques that will help you become more productive, more creative, and less stressed in your own life.

Please share with me your thoughts and experiences.  Each of us has a unique perspective on life and we can learn so much from embracing new ideas.

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