Is Good Enough Enough for You?

Good EnoughDo you give it your all when you tackle a task?  Is ‘good enough’ your typical effort level?  Or are you one of those folks who does just a little bit more or something unexpected?  Anyone can do just enough, not everyone will bother with giving their best.  People who go that extra mile will stand out.  Leaders look for ways to go above and beyond – that’s how you get to new opportunities.

I’m collaborating on a project with a great group of professionals who love leadership and exemplify it in everything they do.  Working with them causes me to step up my game.  I like to do something a little different than what was asked.  I often will find a new and different way to present the information we are pulling together.  This is for a several reasons:

  1. I want to make sure I add value to them each time we talk
  2. Finding new ways to share information is important to me in my work so I bring it to the group as well
  3. All of them give 100+%  to what we are doing and I won’t do less than they do
  4. I get to explore new methods in a very safe environment

Rarely does it take me much longer to provide this extra stuff and yet the team is always amazed and surprised by what I’ve done.  I think they believe I’m spending lots of extra time on it which really isn’t the case at all.  Often it’s a function of things I do well and like to share with others.

The interesting thing about this stepping up in this area is that I find I’m doing it more and more elsewhere.  When I am working on something, anything really, I am looking for ways to do just a little bit more, to make it the best I possibly can.  Does this mean extra work for me, sure but it also gives me huge satisfaction to be able to look at what I’ve done and know it’s my best work.

People will notice when you do a little bit more, go that extra step and exceed expectations.  It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture each time.  Just a little extra is unusual and much appreciated.  How do you want to be known?  As someone who does just enough or someone who does just a bit more?  You get to decide which way you are seen so choose wisely.

The group I am working with has dubbed me Wonder Woman for my efforts.  I admire each of them so much for what they do that it is very humbling for me to be seen as a superhero – to me they are all superheroes.  If you are curious about these folks – check out LeadWithGiants as they all can be found there.


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2 responses to “Is Good Enough Enough for You?

  1. Great blog entry. I know that I am like you… I always like to DO more and I actually like to work hard. I have experienced that most of my teammates really like what I do and how much I contribute. Sounds like your team loves you! But, have you ever encountered a time when doing more was frowned upon? How did you handle it?

    • First – Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

      Now, on your question. Yes I have worked, at more than one place, where mediocrity is the norm and excellence was frowned upon. I handled it by being true to myself first and foremost. I always gave my best to everything I did whether or not others approved. I did learn to be more low key about my standards which kept me from rubbing those around me the wrong way each day. However, I still met my own standards.

      I found that by quietly providing excellence I was leading by example and others who wanted to be more started stepping up and giving more. Those that were vocal about how excellence was bad I ignored. That was their issue not mine.

      the other thing I did to handle it was look around to see if it was the whole organizations culture or just a small group. I then worked on getting out of there, for me those were toxic situations. If it is just a small group, find a way to transfer elsewhere in the company. In my case I moved on to other places.

      I hope that helps you out. Have a great day!


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