Are You Stuck

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We are seven weeks into 2013 and how are you doing on your plans and goals for the year?  Have you gotten stuck in a rut?  Have you hit a plateau?  Are you stuck in old habits that are keeping you from moving forward towards the future you want?  If so, you are not alone.  Statistics show that 88% of people fail to meet their new year’s resolutions.  It’s not too late to get back on track.

So if you here are five steps you can take today to get unstuck:

  1. Review your goals & select 2 or 3 (max) that support your future
  2. Identify challenges / obstacles to achieving it
  3. Write down the benefits of reaching the goal
  4. Name the resources (people or tools) that will help
  5. Break them down into action items & schedule the time needed

If you follow these five steps you can refocus your attention and efforts onto achieving your goals.  To help you get moving forward again take the time to review your goals.  Ask yourself the following questions about each one:

  • Why is this on the list?
  • Is this going to help me reach my long-term goals?
  • Is this something I want for myself or something others expect of me?
  • Am I willing to commit to this at this time?
  • Will this improve my life/ health/ career/ family?
  • What is the driver behind this goal?
  • Is the driver an internal or external one?

Often we create goals for ourselves that are driven by what other people tell us or expect from us.  Evaluating your goals, both short term and long-term, in light of you situation and where you want to go with your life will help you cut out goals that are due to the expectations of others.  The goals that are driven by your deepest desires and will move you towards the future you envision for yourself are the ones that will hold your attention and you will have the energy to pursue.

Additionally by limiting the number of big goals that you have on your plate will help you manage them.  If you are trying to tackle too many important things at once you will become distracted instead of focused.  Creating a laser like focus on one item of one goal at a time will move you forward faster than bouncing from task to task.  To maintain momentum have a plan that shows all the steps needed to reach the goal.  Then when you finish one item you know what comes next.  This keeps you moving at all times.

If you have gotten stuck on a plateau take time to revisit your goals, why they mattered and decide to do something today that will get you one step closer to your goal.   Hitting a plateau gives you a chance to catch your breath, check the map and get moving again in the right direction.

How do you get yourself off of a plateau?

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2 responses to “Are You Stuck

  1. I was stuck recently, and it was because I was looking at the ‘big goal’ and thinking of it as a whole rather than breaking it down into more manageable tasks. Now I have a whole page of ‘mini’ goals related to that goal and it’s much more manageable!

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