Six Ways to Gain Team Momentum

Team Progress

Now that everyone is back from the holiday break do you have your team focused on what needs to be done this year?  Is the team up to speed on what needs to be accomplished or are they still discovering what is expected?  It’s hard to gain speed and momentum as the new year gets going.  People struggle to get focused and they often lack energy and motivation to get moving.

What you can do to get them moving:

  1. Be energetic.  If you bring a high level of positive energy to your day and your interactions with the team they will respond.  It’s contagious.
  2. Be clear.  When the team seems fuzzy on what they need to do be crystal clear in what you expect, when it’s due and what is acceptable performance.
  3. Be aware.  Make time to engage with your team so you are aware of their issues, concerns and any obstacles they are facing.
  4. Be challenging.  Push your team to get moving and get out of their comfort zone.  The holidays seem to make people relax and settle in for a while.  It’s okay to shake it up and get people going new places.
  5. Be supportive.  Take the time to help people who are genuinely struggling with the work at hand.  Offer the right level of assistance to get them moving forward independently.  It’s still their work to do, so don’t take it back.
  6. Be understanding.  If you push too hard, too fast mistakes may be made as people re-engage.  Acknowledge the errors and ensure people learn from them while avoiding beating them up with what went wrong.  Risks can lead to mistakes which inspires learning and growth when handled properly.

If you bring the right attitude to work with you, along with positive energy and a true spirit of growth for your team they will respond.  The year will get off to a great start and the stage will be set for outstanding accomplishments all year long.  Any time throughout the year you can use this tactics to increase your team’s momentum.

How do you get your team up to speed at the beginning of the year?


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2 responses to “Six Ways to Gain Team Momentum

  1. Great points Carol, I think I could use a little push also 🙂

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