Team Celebrations

Team CelebrationThis is the time of the year that many companies take some time to celebrate the holidays.  This is a great tradition that can be used to catch your breath before year end activities, as well as celebrate the good of the past year and look forward to exciting things for next year.  Celebrating what went well is a great way to wrap up the year and set the stage for a strong start to the New Year.

To have the greatest positive impact think about recognizing the following things:

  1. Team successes.  What goals seemed out of reach but were met?
  2. Challenges overcome.  Where there things that could have been set backs, but ended up being success stories.
  3. Humorous moments.  Reflect on some funny moments (where you are the one being laughed at).
  4. Risks that paid off.  Remember events where bold action brought about great rewards.
  5. Say Thank You.  Thank the team as a whole and make a point to thank each individual for their efforts.
  6. Highlight the positive.  Focus on what went well and what looks promising in the future.

Taking the time to do these things, whether at a party or a lunch or in a note, will go a long ways to helping your team feel appreciated and set the stage for the new opportunities ahead.  People want to be sincerely appreciated for what they do each day.  This time of the year provides a natural setting for extending your thanks for what they do.

When communicating your appreciation remember to:

  1. Be sincere
  2. Use specific examples
  3. Focus on the individual
  4. Share excitement about future
  5. Stay positive

However you choose to end your year take a few moments to thank those around you and celebrate your team.  You would not be where you are without them so let them know that you recognized all they have done.  Have fun and enjoy the moment.


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