Goals and Big Dreams for 2013

I dream big conceptThe year is coming to a close so now many of us are turning our attention to what we want to accomplish in 2013.  Have you looked at your goals for the New Year yet?  Waiting until January to decide what you will do means you are starting late.  To hit the ground running start you’re planning now so you can have things ready to start meeting your goals.

When you set your goals do you play it safe and just pick the things you know you can accomplish?  That’s the easy way to do your goals, however to really reach for excellence you have to reach for those things that seem too hard or too far away.  You may not make all the way but odds are you will go further than you imagined was even possible.  Are you willing to settle for “good enough” or are you ready to go for more next year?  Big dreams as goals can be called BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals).

Dream big when you are looking at your goals for the next year.  Think about what would be the best thing ever for you to reach in the next year.  Maybe it’s retiring this year, or it’s a big promotion, or it’s a huge raise in salary, or it’s buying your dream home, or it’s paying for kid’s college, or it’s launching a new business, or it’s getting that dream job.  It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that it’s your big dream.  Focus on what you would love to accomplish, what does it look like, how would it feel to get it, and why is it important to you.  Put this down as one of your goals for the next year, maybe you have several BHAG’s that you want to chase in the upcoming year that won’t interfere with each other.  Go for it.

Now that you have your BHAG identified for 2013 you need to start breaking it down into manageable steps.  So ask yourself the following questions to get started:

  1. What is the first thing you need to do to pursue this goal?  What other steps you will need to get to there?
  2. Who can help you reach this goal? You may need to meet new people so identify where you would meet them.
  3. Where can you find resources to help you?
  4. When will you take that first step?
  5. How much time can you spend right now to get started?

This is the beginning of your plan to reach your dream.  The bigger your goal the further you will go, so dare to go big.

The reality is that you will achieve more if you risk more.  There will be setbacks, hurdles and obstacles along the way.  Keep your dream in mind and celebrate the successes you have along the way.  You will only be stopped if you allow the challenges to derail you.  When you come up against a stumbling block, pause and reflect on how far you’ve already come and why you want to reach this goal.  Once you’ve realized you are doing well look for a way around the problem and keep moving.

In 2013 you can do more than you thought possible as long as you dream big when setting your goals.  Good luck and go big!


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2 responses to “Goals and Big Dreams for 2013

  1. With 2013 quickly approaching I know I personally need to sit down and identify my big goal–for me and my business. I’ve enjoyed the first year and a half of smooth sailing since starting my own public relations firm, but now I need to outline the next level and commit myself to taking it there over the course of the next year. Great post to get me started on this!

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