Re-evaluating Your Goals

From time to time it’s important to take some time to reflect upon where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going.  This gives you the opportunity to celebrate the successes you’ve had, the progress you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.  When you take in all your personal growth you may find that your vision of the future is slightly different than it was a year ago.  This is why regular reviews are vital for your continued growth. 

Recognizing that the things you have learned may lead to new paths to explore is key to personal growth.  As well, making sure your goals are still the right ones for you will ensure that you are focusing on getting the right things done.  Progress towards an outdated goal is not really progress, it’s just movement. 

For me personally the goals I had in mind when I started this blog last January have evolved.  I was looking to get back into the training and development world in a full time position.  As I worked through a move to a new city and taking in everything that I’ve learned from my blogging I came to realize that really wasn’t the right role for me now.  I still have a deep and abiding passion for training, learning and development.  However, I discovered that instead of a full time job within a company I was happier working one-on-one with people and helping companies improve their training and development programs.  As a result, I am focusing my efforts on becoming a performance coach to help young professionals build a strong foundation for long-term career success.  I will still do training in the areas of time management, leadership and team building while I work with people one-on-one to reach their potential at work and to find their work-life balance.

I’ve been very fortunate to have supporters, mainly mu husband, who have pushed me to stop and figure out what I really want to do next.  They have encouraged me as well as pushed and prodded on occasion to get me moving in this new direction.  Without that support it wouldn’t be possible.  It’s been hard work, a bit stressful and it has its risks, however, by shifting my focus away from the goal of last year I find I am more hopeful and overall have more energy to get this off the ground.

When you are pursuing the things that really make you excited about getting up each morning it hardly feels like work.  As Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”   Aligning your actions with your goals and your goals with your passions will make the journey more enjoyable and well worth the effort.

As the year winds down take some time to re-evaluate your goals and make sure you are on the right track for you.


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2 responses to “Re-evaluating Your Goals

  1. Mike Cowan

    What a great read, I have been with the same company for 10 years in various roles. I found that the challenges and opportunities for learning are what kept me smiling and keep me loving what I do.

    • Mike – I really do believe that challenges and learning opportunities is what makes work interesting and exciting for most people. It’s great to hear that you are getting those opportunities. Have a great day!

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