Have You Said Thank You Lately?

When was the last time you said Thank You to a co-worker?  Recently I had a conversation with one of my client’s regional managers.  We spent an hour discussion the needs of his team for the upcoming year.  It was a great conversation with a manager who was sincerely concerned about the development of the people below him, himself and the overall organization.  It was refreshing and enlightening.  The best part of the whole experience was the thank you email I got from him a couple of hours later. 

In this email the manager said Thanks, it was good talking to you and that he looked forward to working with me in the future.  I can honestly tell you it made my day.  I was doing what I needed to do as part of my contract, and I really enjoy helping this group find new solutions to their challenges.  They are a great group, but that very short note really made an impact on me.  I responded immediately and told him he made my day when we next spoke.  His small act of gratitude took a normal business interaction from good to great! 

Many of us have taken to heart the idea of being grateful for the things in our lives and we say thanks to the people we care about more often.  But how many of us take a moment to say thank you at work?  It seems that this simple act is too often neglected in the pursuit of goals and results.  However, it can be one of the simplest ways to build strong, positive relationships with co-workers and customers.  Who doesn’t like to be told thank you?  Recognition is one of the greatest motivators and honest gratitude is one of the most powerful forms of recognizing someone’s efforts.  As a leader recognizing your team’s efforts informally and in the moment can create good will that helps them through the rough times.

My reaction to the simple thank you note reminded me how important it is to recognize people’s efforts and how easy it can be.  We just have to take a brief moment and say “Thank You”.  I know that I will be showing more gratitude from now on.

Thank you for spending some of your time reading my post.  I hope you have a great day!


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3 responses to “Have You Said Thank You Lately?

  1. Hi Carol

    Thank you is such an important phrase, we need to use it more. I was just giving a presentation today stressing the need to thank others we work with and for and those we serve. Thank you for posting this important topic! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Tina,

      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! It is so important to thank the people you encounter in your daily activities. The simpliest thank you can make the difference in somebody’s day and leave them feeling good about what they have been doing. What can be better than that?

      • Absolutely, not only do I thank our staff each day but the physician owner also says thank you to each person. It is up to us to make our staff look forward to coming back tomorrow, we would be in bad shape without them. When you have great people working for you let them know it!

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