Course Corrections

As you work towards your goals there are times when you find that the plan you set is not getting you where you want to go.  So what do you do?  You can stay with the plan and keep plugging away hoping that you get to the right place eventually.  Or you can make some changes; adjust your course if you will. 

This is like sailing; the captain is always making adjustments to his sails, to his direction based on the wind and the currents.  He started with a plan of going from A to B along this route, but the environment can push him in new directions so he has to constantly make changes to get where he wants to go.  In the end he got to his destination but during the trip his plans changed based on what he was experience at the time.

Why not apply the same principles to our pursuit of goals?  When we decide on a goal we create a plan to get there.  Then life happens and things change as we move forward.  Adapting and adjusting our actions will provide a greater likelihood of success and satisfaction as we reach our goal.  Sticking to a plan without adapting to the changing world is frustrating and often self-defeating.

Here are a few things that may cause you to make some course directions as you work towards your goals.

  1. Lack of focus.  You may be chasing too many things at once and you are not able to focus on any one of them.  This means you are not making significant progress on anything.  Sit down and evaluate which of your goals you want/can achieve first and focus on that one.  Once it’s complete move on to the next one.
  2. Tackling too big of a change.   At times we set goals that require significant change in what we are doing.  Making a huge change all at once can be overwhelming and then it becomes difficult to maintain.  If your goal requires big change, find steps to take to get there instead of jumping off the cliff.  It will be easier to maintain long-term if you take smaller, yet measurable, steps to get you there.
  3. Changing passion.   You may find that your passion has changed, it may be due to external forces or your life has taken you in a new direction and so your passion has shifted.  Whichever is the reason, take the time to figure out what makes you excited to get up in the morning and move towards it.  Over time that can and probably will change, so adapt and go in the new direction.

As the year is coming to a close it is a good time to stop and reflect on where you are and where you want to go.  Take an honest assessment of your goals and your plans.  If you find that you aren’t on track anymore, that the winds of time have shifted your direction, spend a little bit of time looking at what you can do to make some course corrections to get you where you want to go.  Making the needed adjustments will help ensure the things you are doing are the best use of your time; that they will get you to your goal.


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2 responses to “Course Corrections

  1. “You may find that your passion has changed, it may be due to external forces or your life has taken you in a new direction and so your passion has shifted. ” Yes I am feeling this one nowadays .Thanks I have realized something.

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