Interesting Articles for October

Here are a few of the articles that I’ve found thought provoking this month.  Enjoy!

This is a fantastic list of 5 simple things that create bad meetings.  From Mike Rogers at Teamwork Leadership. I Hate Bad Meetings

From Harvard Business Review Blog here is an interesting take on hiring people.  Do you look for the smartest person to fill your position or do you look for the person who will fit best.  I Decided to Rethink Hiring Smart People

If you are going to be making a change in your organization here are 10 questions you should answer during your introduction to the change.  They will help the change go more smoothly.  10 Questions that Should be Answered before Any Major Change is Announced

In this post Dan Rockwell at The Leadership Freak provides a very succinct look at how strategy and the right talent will address your business issues.   Two Ways to Overcome the Pipe Dream Problem

Tina Del Buono, at PPM Blog, highlights the issues with having a micro-manager.  This one really struck home for me having worked for a major micro-manager.  What is Micromanaging All About?

Hope you enjoy these articles.


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2 responses to “Interesting Articles for October

  1. Thank you for posting a link to my site and thanks for the links to these other great posts!

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