Trustworthy vs Trusting

Do your employees trust you?  Can they count on you to follow through on your promises?  Will you have their back when things go wrong?  These are questions that can help identify the health of your team.  If you team trusts you then you will be more effective in assigning work and having them follow through properly.  It will also carry over between the members of the team. 

So the first question that you should ask yourself to see how well your team is doing in this area is this: Do you trust your team members?  The first step in getting people to trust you is to trust them.  It’s hard to do, but in reality trust is given not taken, so you must put your trust in others first.  Now this does not mean doing it blindly, hold them accountable for the results that are asked of them.  Empowering people to do their jobs without micro-managing ever step along the way will show you trust them to do what needs to be done.  Follow-up on what do they need from you, how you can help them instead of what have they done so far.  This will show them you trust them to take the appropriate actions and that you will help them remove road blocks and obstacles. 

Another step to take to build show that you value your employees is to ask them for feedback and listen to what they have to say.  Solicit ideas for how to do things better, faster, more cost effectively and then act on these ideas.  While getting these ideas, stay quiet (this is the hard part) only show that you are actively listening to what they have to say.  When you decide what you will act on give credit where it is due.  Showcase the creativity and initiative of your team by highlighting their contributions and give them the limelight.  This shows that you want them to succeed.

As you learn to trust your employees and you help them to succeed in their positions then they will begin to trust you.  When you listen and act on their ideas and you trust them to get the job done on time and done well you are building trust between you and your team.  When you ask how you can help you need to follow up on their needs.  The more you invest in helping others the more they will trust you to be there.  When someone trusts you they will go the extra mile to help out and will work to hold your respect.  This will build the effectiveness of the team because they are proud of their leader and their team so they will strive to excel in everything they do.

The key to being trustworthy is to place your trust in the team you have around you.  Aid their success and demonstrate your trust in them.  Hold them to high standards; hold them accountability for their actions and results.  When you give trust to others they will start to trust you in return.  Act the way you want others to act and they will follow.  So be trusting to become trustworthy.

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