When the Cup Runs Over

There are times that all of us have way too much going on in our world.  Often the things that are happening are good, positive things which should bring joy to our lives but in the midst of it all we can’t find that joy.  So how do we get control over things so that we can enjoy the events filling our lives?

This past week was one of those weeks for me.  About a month ago I started doing some consulting for a fun company and I love what I’m doing.  On top of that, this past week we: hosted my youngest son’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor, my oldest son’s high school graduation, all the fun of celebrating those, and getting my kids off to Jamaica for a church mission trip.  On top of all that we packed up our house for our move.  It’s been fun and very overwhelming for me.

As I look back on all the things we jammed into the past couple of weeks I am stunned at what we accomplished.  To get it all done we followed several critical steps:

  1. Created a well-defined timeline.  We made sure we knew the milestones needed to be accomplished to make the event dates.
  2. Divided tasks.  We split up who was handling each item, based on skills and available time.
  3. Enlisted outside help.  There were things that we could, and did, ask others to help us with, so we could focus on enjoying the events.
  4. Stayed flexible.  As expected things did not go as planned and plans had to be adjusted on the fly.  This meant all of us had to be willing to change what we were going to do and how. 
  5. Communicate openly.  We had to stay in touch daily on all the things going on and check in to see if anything was slipping or if someone needed help.  My husband was at our new home in the weeks leading up to this week of celebration, so calls, emails and texts became vital to knowing who had what covered.
  6. Focus on the moment.  The thing that made it all so much fun and bearable was to stay focused on what was going on at that time.  During the Scout event, we could not be thinking about graduation even though it was the next day, and during graduation packing had to be put out of our minds. 

By following these steps we got through the week with our sanity intact and had a great week with our family while celebrating major milestones for our boys.    Most people think we’ve lost our minds to do it all in one week, but it worked for us.  I will admit I plan to space things out more in the future, or at least hire movers instead of packing myself.  🙂

How do you handle having so much happening that you risk missing the joy in your life?

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4 responses to “When the Cup Runs Over

  1. Wow Carol, that is a lot to take on in a week. Your points are well laid out and when executed worked. All are important but the one that shouts out to me is ” be flexible.” I hope you get to enjoy a little quite time this week 🙂

    • Tina,

      The flexibility part ended up being the most critical thing to keep from losing my mind. We changed plans several times in the last two days as we worked through what would best deal with some issues that came up.

      I am excited about a VERY quiet week this week!

  2. Charlie

    What resonated with me the most was “focus on the moment.” As they say, every moment is a gift, that’s why they call it “the present.” Love the blog. As a colleague in a previous life, I observed how easily you connected with others and now, how easily your inner self connects your readers. Looking forward to more.

    • Charlie,

      Thanks for the kind words. I consider you a collegue from my current life, just a past employer!

      I agree that today is a present, however it is so hard to stay in the moment as the crazyness takes over.

      So good to hear from you. Have a great day.

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