Setting the Tone

As managers we often have to help our teams deal with problems, obstacles and challenges.  How we go about doing that will set the tone for how the team deals with these things individually.  We can help create positivity by addressing these in a positive way or we can engender negativity.

To keep the team in a positive place, focus on the opportunities present even in the difficult situations.  Here are some quick tips for you:

  1. Avoid negativity.  Focus on solutions to move forward instead of the problems.  You must be the one who always looks to the positive and not the negative aspects of the situation.
  2. No wallowing.  Ban these words from your vocabulary – “woulda, coulda, shoulda” as they keep you wallowing in the negatives instead of looking for the positives.
  3. Manage the anger.  Looking back in anger and frustration keeps you stuck in the past in lieu of moving forward.  If you must vent do it outside of the workplace.
  4. Be excited.  Communicate the positive possibilities of the future to build excitement.  If you are excited about the future it will be contagious.
  5. Take the next step.  You must get out front and take the next step towards the future possibilities.  Show the team you are willing to move onward and upward.  They will follow if you lead the way.
  6. Be fearless.  Change is difficult and overcoming all the difficulties can be downright frightening.  This is the time to understand the risks and take action even in uncertain times.  Being willing to take calculated risks even when you may be wrong will help your team learn to take calculated chances as well.

It’s important to create momentum for your team and one part of that is to set the tone that inspires your team to move forward.  Being positive and showing your willingness to embrace the opportunities that are found even in the most difficult times will empower your team as well.

What have you done to help set a positive tone for your team?

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4 responses to “Setting the Tone

  1. Hi Carol, read your post with my morning cup of coffee. I am ready for work, we have been swamped at the office with a few pressures. So this morning I will remember no wallowing 🙂

    Thanks for all the good reminders

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