Fears That Block Productivity

There are some common gears that block your productivity by holding you back, keep you from starting or from finishing.  Let’s look at several of them and what to do about them.

  • Fear of Failure:  Often people wait to start because they are afraid that they will fail at what they do.  This can be due to setting expectations too high or lack of confidence in your abilities.  The key to manage this fear is to review your expectations against the project’s criteria and verify that your effort meets those criteria.  Know why you were assigned the task and keep in mind that your skills are why you were chosen.  This allows you to know that you are capable of successfully completing the task.


  • Fear of Success:  There are people who don’t complete a project or go after a dream because they don’t believe they deserve success.  To conquer this fear it’s important to review what you have accomplished and what skills you bring to the table.  Be honest about your skills and abilities and you will see that you deserve to succeed.  You can also get input from trusted friends.  If you do this, get specific feedback on what you do well and what traits others admire.  Specifics about your skills and abilities help you understand you have a lot to offer.


  • Fear of Rejection:  This fear causes people to hold back on ideas or going for dreams because they are afraid others will not accept them or their input.  To combat this fear keep in mind that people are more focused on them than they are on you.  People are generally egocentric and while many will go out of their way to help others, most have their own issues to deal with each day.  Focus on what you can do with your skills and abilities and what you will can get out of reaching for more and go for it.

All of these fears can create a wall that holds you back from doing your best, and sometimes from doing anything.  Focus on what you have to offer and what you dream of doing.  Then plan the steps and get moving.  As Nike says – Just Do it!  Break down that wall!!

How have fears held you back from reaching your dreams?

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