Developing Others

Today I had the privilege of being at the kick-off of two leadership training programs, one for adults and one for teens.  It was a great refresher to remember when I went through the adult program almost four years ago.  I also can relate to the fear, apprehension, excitement and nerves that were on the faces of the folks heading off for 2 ½ days of intense training.  The best part of this is that all the people attending where there because someone else believed enough in them to send them to the class.

Part of the idea of this particular program is to pay it forward.  If you are sent to the class it means someone believes in you and you get to return the favor by sending someone you want to see grow.  This is a great way to help others reach their potential.  A key to becoming a great leader is to develop those around you.

Great leaders are ones who inspire others to follow them and stretch to achieve great things.  One of the most inspiring things a leader does is to invest in the development of their team, this shows that they believe in the potential of those around them.  It feels great to know that the person who is leading you believes in you and cares enough in you to help you become better.  It is truly a vote of confidence that keeps on giving.  The bosses who sent me to training and put me in leadership development programs are the ones I look back on as some of the best bosses I ever had.  Part of that is because they wanted me to grown and to move up, not just stay put to make them look good.

Let’s look at the ways developing others helps you grow as a leader.

  1. Builds Confidence:  By sending a team member to development program it builds their confidence in themselves and it builds their confidence in you.  People always feel better about themselves when a leader believes in them.  Additionally, your credibility is increased when you help others step up, this in turns builds the confidence others have in you.
  2. Increase Productivity:  By sending people to leadership development their skills increase which allows them to accomplish more.  As the individual member’s skills are improved the performance of the team improves.  This allows you and your team to do more.
  3. Creates Successors:  As you increase the abilities of the people below you there will be a stand out that becomes your obvious successor.  By building their skills and grooming them to take your place you are opening up the possibility for you to move on to something more.

As you invest in the development of your team you are building the future of yourself and your organization.  By building confidence, increasing productivity and creating a successor you are setting the stage for the growth of the organization.  This is a sign of a great leader.

Become someone who builds the future and you will become a better leader. 

Today I got to see the boss who sent me to this leadership program.  He was sponsoring someone else today and was there to send them off.  I was there to send my youngest son to the teen leadership class.  He’s the fifth one in our immediate family to attend.  My former boss helped make it possible to send everyone to the classes.  He truly believes in helping others grow to make organizations and the community better. 

Please share a time when someone invested in you and your future.

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