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Hi there!  I’ve started this blog as a way to organize my thoughts and ideas on personal productivity and effectiveness.  As 2012 starts I am facing a year of change and challenges and have recognized that I’ve lost touch with the things I’ve learned over 20+ years of working and managing a household.  With everything going on in my world I need to get myself back on track and decided to use this forum to help me focus and fine tune the things I’ve learned.

A bit of background on me:  I’m a wife of 25 years and a mother of two teenage boys.  My husband and oldest son both have different aspects of ADHD.  My husband is adult ADD with inattentive challenges and my son is challenged with some inattentive and more impulsivity control issues.  This means it’s up to me to create the structure and organization needed to keep our house on track and calm.  Additionally, I spent 15 years as a process engineer in various manufacturing environments before moving on to supervision, then onto training and development.  Much of my time in all of those roles was dedicated to helping others learn to produce a better product, be more efficient in their jobs and learn skills to advance their careers.  Helping others manage their work better has always been the most rewarding part of my job and is where I am dedicating my efforts moving forward.

As I embark on a journey to create a more productive and creative environment in my life I hope that you will find tips, tools or techniques that will help you become more productive, more creative, and less stressed in your own life.

Please share with me your thoughts and experiences.  Each of us has a unique perspective on life and we can learn so much from embracing new ideas.

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